Clinical Experiences – Examples

(From published articles in clinical journals)
Highly Specific for anti-A/B antibodies:
Minimal influence on other plasma components and minimum of other complications.
Thus, more patient plasma volumes can be treated per session and if necessary more sessions can be performed
Also patients with high titers can be treated to low titers, 1:4 or lower
Specific treatment:
Minimal bleeding, infections and other
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Press release: Use of Glycosorb®-ABO in Canada and India

Canada, comments:
St. Michael’s first in North America to use blood-cleaning procedure for kidney transplant, allowing man to receive kidney from brother with different blood type
Man to Receive Kidney from Brother With Different Blood Type: Novel Blood-Cleaning Procedure Used for Kidney Transplant
India, comments:
The India’s first ever ABO – Incompatible (Non-matching blood groups) Kidney Transplantation performed Using
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